KitchenAid, Heavy Duty 6.6 L Blender with Lifting Bowl – Empire Red

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What’s in the box ?

Think big with this KitchenAid 5KSM70SHX Artisan Bowl Lift Stand Mixer: it has everything you need to continuously express your creativity.Stand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-mixer-body

Nothing will resist you

Let yourself go with the KitchenAid 6.6 L stand mixer, THE WORLD’S LARGEST BRAND OF PASTRY ROBOTS IN THE WORLD (1). With this powerful, high-capacity stand mixer, you can create again and again, day after day. Knead pizza dough, mix cake batter, make meringues, shred pork with ease, with up to 1.5 times more power in the bowl than our tilt-head stand mixer* . * compared to the 5KSM150 model when measuring the maximum power in the bowl.Stand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-black-on-countertop

The powerful, compact and aesthetic pastry robot

This KitchenAid Artisan 6.6 L with bowl lift is an extremely powerful pastry robot. It combines our most powerful motor (6), a large capacity bowl and a professional design with bowl lift, as well as our iconic design with classic lines.

It’s ready to knead the toughest dough, mix dense ingredients with ease, and work large batches with ease. Designed to tackle whatever challenge you throw at it, the 6.6L stainless steel bowl mixes up to 13 dozen cookies (2), 10 dozen cupcakes (4), or 14 pizzas (5 ) once. The quiet, high-efficiency motor provides the power needed to mix thick cake batters, whip large quantities of cream or knead the densest doughs.Stand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-contour-silver-bowl-lifted

Nothing can resist the lifting bowl

People who often prepare large quantities of food usually opt for a bowl-lift model, where the head remains locked. A bowl-lift stand mixer is perfect for preparing large quantities because it is even more powerful and robust.

How it works ? The lever gently lowers and raises the mixing bowl and it is held in place with 3 locking points for maximum stability. The bowl’s ergonomic handle makes it easy to position and lift, even when full.

Tip: Think about your kitchen space. The height of a stand mixer with a bowl lift is a little greater than that of a model with a tilt head. See the comparison chart below for height.Stand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-empire-red-planetary-action (1)

Planetary action, delicate to rapid and homogeneous mixing

KitchenAid stand mixers were among the first stand mixers to feature planetary mixing action, meaning the head of the mixer turns in one direction while the attachment turns in the other, for a much more even mix. . The mixer rotates at over 60 points of contact in the bowl, for optimal mixing of your ingredients.

This Artisan 5KSM70SHX model features an 11-speed control lever that allows you to precisely control the speed variation. Our slowest speed, the incorporation speed (less than half the mixing speed), is designed for delicate tasks normally done by hand. The incorporation speed is gentle enough to protect delicate ingredients and keep air in the dough.

The lift-up bowl also features soft start, a slow acceleration to minimize splashing with gradual acceleration to the chosen speed.

Whether you want to mix, whisk or knead, simply choose your attachment, your speed and you’re ready to go.Stand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-5-years-guarantee + 15 repairabilityStand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-dried-rose-woman-cooking-delicious-salty-piesStand-mixer-mixer-bowl-lift-6.6L-5KSM70SHX-black-with-pasta-sheet-roller-and-cutter-attachment

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