Ardes, Carlomagno – Pressure Oven 30l

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30L 2 in 1 stainless steel oven: can be used as a static oven or in "pressure" mode. Highly efficient pressure oven, reduces cooking times by up to 50% compared to traditional ovens with significant energy savings. The vent valve allows you to maintain the correct pressure inside the oven, guaranteeing maximum product safety. Pressure cooking allows foods to maintain vitamins and other nutrients beneficial to health intact, enhancing flavor and color with the use of less salt and fat. Digital LED display with temperature/function/timer indication. 9 cooking programs (toast, bagel, pizza, cake, roast, grill, biscuits, defrost, reheat). Possibility to directly select the cooking functions (top only, bottom only, top + bottom, top+rotisserie, top+bottom+rotisserie). With rotisserie. Timer. Adjustable temperature from 35 to 230°C. Non-slip feet. Accessories: baking tray, drip/crumb tray, 2 racks, rotisserie, baking tray tongs and rotisserie.

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