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With the Steam Gun you kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria

No corner of the house will be spared. With Ariete’s Vaporì Jet handheld steam cleaner you will manage to deep clean even the most awkward corners in your house, relying on the natural effectiveness of steam against germs and bacteria. Thanks to the ample kit of accessories supplied, you will be able to sanitise the surfaces of your house in little time using the Vaporì Jet, creating a safe environment for yourself and the whole family. The 100° steam sanitises completely, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria, in a completely natural way with no need to add chemical detergents to plain tap water. The Vaporì Jet reaches the 100° temperature required to emit steam in just 3 minutes and provides 8 minutes of continuous steaming time. The accessories supplied with the Vaporì Jet are:  

  • brush with cloth ideal for sanitizing and refreshing home textiles, such as curtains and sofas;
  • extension and window cleaner accessory for cleaning glass, mirrors, windows and shower stalls easily and without leaving streaks;
  • injector nozzle to remove stubborn and encrusted dirt, such as that of the kitchen hob;
  • 90° angled spout to reach and clean the most hidden points of the house, such as the back of the radiators;
  • multi-purpose round brush to scrape and sanitize any other surface.

Steam cleaner: effective, hygienic, naturalpistola a vapore vaporì jet ariete 4137 pulire con il vapore

The power of steam against germs and bacteria

The most natural way to clean your house effectively is certainly steam. In fact, Ariete’s steam cleaners ensure that the house is deep cleaned and 99.9% of the germs and bacteria that can easily settle on all household surfaces are eliminated. The Vaporì Jet is the multifunction handheld steam cleaner that will help you make your house a fresh, clean sand safe placevaporì jet ariete 4137 pistola a vapore con accessorio puliscivetri tergiscristallo

Cleaning windows has never been so easy

Cleaning windows is a task that we often put off because its time-consuming and laborious. This is why Ariete thought of enhancing the handheld steamer with a window cleaner and extension, ideal for reaching even the highest, most difficult to clean windows. The steam will take care of all the rest, leaving sparkling windows, with no streaks or residues, because you will have no need to use any special detergentsvaporì jet ariete 4137 pistola a vapore igienizza il bagno e i sanitari

Sanitise your bathroom with steam

Using the steam window cleaner for the shower cubicle will leave it always sparkling and with no limescale. You can also use the handheld steam cleaner to sanitise the sanitary ware without using any detergent. The taps and fittings will be shiny again too, because the steam is able to remove even the limescale deposits you thought were impossible to get rid of

Use steam to degrease, clean and sanitise your housevaporì jet ariete 4137 pistola a vapore igienizza divani e tessuti

Sanitises and refreshes fabrics with steam

The Vaporì Jet’s steam can penetrate the fibres of the fabrics and sanitise them deeply in a few moments. Using the brush with textile head supplied, sanitise curtains and sofas with a simple pass of steamvaporì jet ariete 4137 pistola a vapore igienizza e sgrassa il piano cottura

Degrease the kitchen with steam

When your cooking hob is encrusted with dirt, it’s not degreaser that will get rid of it. The powerful jet from the handheld steamer, combined with the special injector nozzle enables you to get rid of the most stubborn deposits without using chemical productsvaporì jet ariete 4137 pistola a vapore igienizza il bagno e i sanitari

Cleans even the most awkward corners

The 90° nozzle can reach places nothing else can. The Vaporì Jet handheld steamer is perfect for cleaning behind radiators and all the most difficult to reach nooks and crannies in your house. Put it to the test.

Power 1050 Watts
Boiler capacity 250 cc
Boiler Material Aluminum
Pressure 3.5 bar
Power light
Steam ready 3 minutes
Continuous steam 15 minutes
Safety cap and lance
Accessories included 90 ° nozzle, Slit nozzle, Small round brush, Fabric brush with cloth, Window cleaner, Flexible extension, Measuring cup, Funnel
Cable length 3 meters
Product length 28.50 cm
Product width 14.50 cm
Product height 22.50 cm
Product weight 1.70 Kg
Box weight 2.06 Kg

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