Ariete, 898 Multi-Function Hand Blender 7 in 1

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4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 is a hand blender but not only. It is the perfect ally for your kitchen, a 2-liter food processor complete with accessories to perform many functions:
Immersion pimer: 4 stainless steel blades and stem that guarantee and maintain impeccable performance over time, to prepare your recipes;
500 ml chopper: also for crushing ice and preparing tasty smoothies and fresh slushes;
Whisk accessory: whip your ingredients to obtain creams and whipped cream;
Potato crusher: ideal for those who love homemade mashed potatoes;
Disc for grating and cutting into julienne strips: cut your vegetables into strips with a julienne cut;
Slicing disc: for perfectly slicing vegetables.
With 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 you get the preparations you want in a simple, practical and fast way.
Not just an immersion blender!898-pimer-frullatore-a-immersioneWith the supplied whisk, 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 whips cream, egg whites and mixes for desserts and ice cream 

Thanks to the 500 ml chopper you can also crush ice to prepare tasty smoothies and fresh homemade granitas. Ideal for the whole family and for evenings with friends898-pimer-frullatore-a-immersione

Serve the grated cheese directly on the table and cut the vegetables into strips using the special "julienne" accessory

Give space to your culinary imagination898-pimer-frullatore-a-immersione

The ideal side dish for meat and fish dishes is mashed potatoes. Preparing it will be even easier and faster thanks to the potato masher supplied898-pimer-frullatore-a-immersione

What's better than a good aperitif at home with friends accompanied by a fresh cocktail? Add a few ice cubes to the ingredients to blend and you're done!898-pimer-frullatore-a-immersione

For homemade mayonnaise, insert ingredients into 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 and pulse to blend

Power 1000w
4 stainless steel blades
Stem in stainless steel
Speed 10+ turbo
Ergonomic handle
Glass 700 ml
Chopper 500 ml
Food processor 2L
Potato masher
Functions mince, blend, mince, grater, mash potatoes, whip, slice and julienne
Product length 6.50 cm
Product width 6.50 cm
Product height 41.00 cm
Product weight 2.50 Kg

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