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You can use the Ariete 838/05 oil radiator  where you do not encounter conventional heating. The heating power of this model is up to 2000 W. Thanks to this, you can use  the Ariete ​838/05  oil radiator   to heat a room of 20-25 m 2 .  You can easily heat the room thanks to three power levels. The radiator has a practical handle and 360° wheels to ensure easy movement between rooms. If you are not going to use the Ariete 838/05, the supply cable can be wound up and stored in a special space on the body of the radiator.Electric radiator Ariete 838/05Key features of the  Ariete 838/05 oil radiator
  •  Ariete 838/05 radiator   for quick room heating
  • 3 adjustable heating levels (800 W, 1100 W and 2000 W) 
  • Traffic light indicator
  • Ariete 838/05 radiator   suitable for rooms with an area of ​​20-25 m 2
  • Suitable for an apartment, a house, a cottage, a bathroom, a garage, a workshop, an office and a bedroom
  • The overall retro look from the 1950s is completed by the color blue
  • The radiator is designed to be placed on the floor
  • Practical handle for easy moving
  • 360° rotating wheels ensure good maneuverability
  • The Ariete 838/05 radiator has a total of 9 heating elements
  • Compact dimensions of the radiator
Electric radiator Ariete 838/05Electric radiator Ariete 838/05

The retro design of  the Ariete  838/05  radiator is reminiscent of the 1950s

The Ariete  838/05 oil radiator  will captivate you  with its retro design reminiscent of the 1950s. If you are among the lovers of this period, the  Ariete  838/05 radiator must not be missing in your home.

Ariet e 838/05 powerful radiator 

The Ariete 838/05 radiator   has a total of 9 heating elements and 3 adjustable heating levels (800 W, 1100 W and 2000 W). Thanks to the adjustable thermostat, you can adjust the desired temperature in the room.  You can use the Ariete 838/05 radiator in rooms with an area of ​​20-25 m 2 .Electric radiator Ariete 838/05Electric radiator Ariete 838/05

Easy maintenance and very quiet operation

The oil filling  lasts for the entire lifetime of the Ariete 838/05 radiator . It stands out for its very easy maintenance and simple operation. You will be pleased with the very quiet operation, thanks to which you can also move the radiator to the room where you sleep. The Ariete 838/05 radiator  has excellent storage properties. 

Easy to move the Ariete 838/05 radiator

Easy moving of the  Ariete 838/05 radiator  is ensured by 360° rotating wheels and a practical handle. So you can move the device wherever you need. In the lower part of the radiator you will find a practical space for winding the supply cable. Electric radiator Ariete 838/05

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