Bellisima, Hot air brush for short and medium hair Ceramic Air 800W

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Style and dryshort and medium hair with one single tool.3 accessories to change style whenever you like. Protected hair with ceramic coating. Beauty bag.

Do you love your short hair but find styling it with a brush and hairdryer tiring?

Discover how easy it is to do it all with one tool! Choose Bellissima Ceramic Air: the new hot air styling brush with 3 accessories is coated in ceramic, designed to gently dry and style short and medium-short hair, fringes and curtain bangs.

Start your styling with the Dry concentrator nozzle to remove excess water. Choose the Straight & Wavy brush if you want to create a naturally smooth style or soft waves, complete the look by adding volume to your curtain bangs or fringe.
The ceramic coating and plastic and nylon bristles on this accessory ensure maximum control of hair and help close cuticles to give hair a soft and shiny finish. When you want tight and defined curls use Curly, the 19 mm hair curler with ceramic coating and special holes that make sure heat is evenly distributed onto hair; during styling, the flip keeps hair taut and makes short and medium-short hair easier to handle. The ceramic coating on the front grid, the styling brush and hair curlers ensure the tool slides through hair seamlessly, adding instant shine. The Ceramic Air is easy to use: it's easy to hold , even for those with small hands, the on/off and temperature control are within arm's reach and the accessories are easily attachable and detachable. The 800 W of power ensures a delicate jet of air, ideal for drying and styling short hair that doesn't need a lot of heat.You can customise your drying with two air and temperature combinations and fix the style in place with a blast of cool air at the end.

Included in the packaging you'll also find the handy beauty bag, to take your tool everywhere with you and the Bellissima-branded elastic b cable clip, to keep the cable tidy and prevent it from being damaged.

The Ceramic Air is part of the new line of Bellissima styling tools with distinctive characteristics and elements in an elegant and glamorous Italian style. To minimise impact on the environment the packaging does not contain plastic bags.

Design & accessories

Bellissima's beauty tools boast distinctive features and design elements with elegant, glamorous Italian style.Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine more convenient and unique.


Designed to be easy to use.


Handy bag, also perfect for travelling.


Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip to keep the cable tidy.


Bellissima signs its beauty tools with distinctive features and design elements with an elegant & glamorous Italian style. Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine comfortable and unique.

Pre-dry using the concentrator nozzle.
Choose the most suitable accessory for the style you want to create
Style your hair the way you want.
Use the cool fix setting, to set your style.
  • Hot air brush, ideal for short and medium-short hair, curtain bangs and fringes
  • Dry&Style 3-in-1 system: with one single tool, gently dry, volumise and create different looks
  • Three accessories for drying and styling:
    - Straight & Wavy 20 mm round brush designed for natural smooth styling or soft waves on short and medium-short hair. Also ideal for shaping and giving volume to curtain bangs and fringes;
    - 19 mm diameter Curly curling tongs with ceramic coating for tight, defined curls.The hole pattern is specifically designed to evenly distribute warm air over hair. Thanks to the flip, hair remains taut making it easier to style even short hair;
    - Dry concentrator nozzle, ideal for removing excess water before styling
  • 800 W of power: quick drying and defined styling
  • Ceramic coating on the front grid, brush and curling tongs: provides uniform heat distribution, ensures the tool slides through hair seamlessly, and adds instant shine
  • Ergonomic design: designed to be easy to use
  • Beauty bag: handy bag with drawstring fastening to store the styling tool with its accessories, can also be used when travelling
  • B cable clip: Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip to keep the cable tidy
  • Two air flow and temperature settings to personalise the styling and drying mode based on hair type
  • Cool air blast to help fix the style in place
  • Long 1.8 m swivel cord to make it easy to move around during use
  • Colour: matt black-shiny rose

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