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Soft and defined curls. Innovative L-shaped design that makes it easy to style your entire head. Hair is protected and shiny with the Ceramic Diamond coating.

How easy is it to create curly hair when you're starting with straight hair?

Simply choose the new Bellissima Sublime Curl hair curler with L-shaped design, which makes it quick and easy to style your entire head, even those typically difficult to reach areas at the back.

The 25 mm diameter of the iron is ideal for creating soft and defined curls. The special ergonomic L-shaped design with handy display makes it easy to use, even for less experienced people who aren't used to using tools.  The ceramic coating ,enriched with diamond microparticles ,helps protect against heat and lends softness and shine to hair.
Thermo Control technology keeps the temperature constant and uniform for perfect results that don't damage hair.

Choose between 3 temperatures to find the one most suited to you, from 170°C for fine hair to 210°C for thicker hair that is difficult to manage. The extra long iron is designed to suit people with both medium-long and long hair.The anti-scalding tip and glove mean the tool can be used in complete safety. Perfect for daily use, the hair curler is ready in several seconds and, if you leave it on by accident, it's no problem as it automatically turns off after 60 minutes. If you have naturally curly hair, use the Sublime Curl to enhance its consistency and volume.

Two useful accessories are included in the packaging:
- the handy glove allows you to grip sections of hair properly when styling
- the Bellissima-branded elastic B cable clip keeps the cable tidy and prevents it from being damaged.

Design & accessories

Bellissima's beauty tools boast distinctive features and design elements with elegant, glamorous Italian style. Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine more convenient and unique.



Allows you to properly grip sections of hair when styling.


Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip to keep the cable tidy.


Bellissima signs its beauty tools with distinctive features and design elements with an elegant & glamorous Italian style. Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine comfortable and unique.

For best results, dry and de-tangle hair before styling.
Hold the tool with the tip pointing downwards, wrap the section of hair around the heated part and wait 8 seconds for fine hair. 12 seconds for medium and thick hair. • Tip 1 – To style your hair more easily, we recommend that you hold the hair curler with your right hand if you are styling the left side of your head and with your left hand if you are styling the right side of your head. • Tip 2 – For a more natural wavy look, take a section of hair and turn it anti-clockwise to make a spiral. Starting from the root, wrap it around the iron.
  • Easy Curl design: L-shaped design to make it quick and easy to style your entire head, even the back
  • Styling tool diameter 25 mm: Ideal for creating soft and defined curls
  • Exclusive ceramic diamond coating: helps protect against heat and lends softness and shine to hair
  • Thermo Control technology: maintains constant and uniform heat for an optimal result with each stroke along the entire section of hair 
  • LED display; 3 adjustable temperatures based on hair type: 170°C, 185°C, 210°C to obtain the desired style while caring for your hair 
  • Handy glove: to make it easier to wrap your hair around the tool
  • Extra long tool: also suitable for longer hair
  • B cable clip: Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip, to keep the cable tidy 
  • Quick heating system: Ready to use in a few minutes
  • Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes
  • Anti-burn tip
  • 1.8 m long swivel cord to make it easy to move around during use 
  • Colour: matt black-shiny rose

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