Bellissima, Hairdryer Ac Motor, 2300W

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Quick, effective, professional drying and narrow concentrator nozzle for precise styling. With professional diffuser.

Quick, precise drying and styling, with the practical and efficient Bellissima P11 2300 professional hairdryer with long-life professional AC motor.

The ultra narrow 11 cm concentrator nozzle allows for quick drying and maximum hair styling performance.

The pack also includes the professional diffuser to dry curls or waves while retaining the hair's volume and bounce. 

Choose from 8 different air combinations to customise drying to your hair type while the final blast of cold air fixes the style for longer.

  • Long-life professional AC motor for quick drying
  • Two speeds, three temperatures for customising drying based on hair type
  • Cool air blast to help fix the style in place
  • Removable filter to facilitate cleaning
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Power 2300 W
  • Hanger loop
  • Black colour

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