Ariete, 2757 Cordless Stick Cleaner 22v, 2in1, Lithium

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Efficient, light, silent and practical. Always at hand!

Ariete's 22V Lithium cordless electric broom is designed to perfectly vacuum any surface in the house at any time, identifying even the most hidden dirt thanks to the motorized brush with LED lights. The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner with a few simple steps, to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way. Thanks to the 3 levels of filtering, the 22V Lithium cordless electric broom sucks dirt from the whole house, effectively retaining even the finest residues, and releasing filtered and cleaner air, moreover with a simple click, you empty the tank directly into the bin avoiding to disperse dust and dirt in the air. 22V Lithium is completed with the set of accessories supplied including:
  • Fabric accessory, effective for reviving and vacuuming sofas and armchairs
  • Spout for crevices, to reach the most hidden corners
  • Support for attachment to the wall, which allows you to conveniently store the cordless electric broom and always have it at hand to use it when you need it most


22V Lithium is so quiet that you can vacuum without waking anyone! Ariete's new cordless electric broom will become your greatest ally in cleaning the house. Use it at any time to vacuum all surfaces thanks to its long autonomy of up to 45 minutes. The aluminum tube makes it light and practical and allows you to vacuum effectively, quickly and effortlessly.scopa elettrica cordless silenziosa 22v lithium 2757 rossa


22V Lithium guarantees you clean air in the house, because, while it sucks, it releases filtered and purified air. A metal filter, a fabric filter and the Hepa filter: 3 filtration levels that allow you to retain even fine dust, releasing purer air. With 22V Lithium you will always have an impeccable home, without effort and you will have more time to relax in your fresh and clean home!3 livelli di filtrazione scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757 rossa

22V Lithium: portable, practical and lightweight vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum cleanerspazzola motorizzata con luci al led scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757 rosso

Floors, rugs and carpets

The motorized brush with LED lights is perfect for vacuuming floors, rugs and carpets, easily removing dust and residues from any surface.aspirabriciole scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757

Practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner

In a few steps the electric broom becomes a powerful and practical handheld vacuum cleaner, to be used with accessories or directly with the motorized brush with LED lights.accessorio per tessuti scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757

Vacuum sofas and fabrics

Use 22V Lithium in handheld vacuum mode with the fabric accessory to brighten and vacuum sofas and armchairs effectively.aspira sedili e interni auto scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757 rosso

Seats and car interiors

The cordless electric broom becomes a practical handheld vacuum cleaner. Clean the interior and seats of your car using the supplied accessories.beccuccio per fessure scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757 rosso

To the farthest corners

The crevice nozzle is able to vacuum even the highest and unreachable points of your home, eliminating dust even from the most hidden corners.serbatoio si svuota nel cestino scopa elettrica cordless 22v lithium 2757 rossa

It empties directly into the trash

With a simple click, you empty the tank directly into the bin, without releasing the dust and dirt that you have just vacuumed into the air!

Voltage 22.2 V
Power 120W
Battery Li-ion / Li-ion 2200 mAH
Triple filtration metal filter, fabric filter, Hepa filter
Tank capacity 1 L
Speed 2
Cleaning cycle duration 45 ‘(Min) -20’ (Max)
Charging time 4 h
Battery level LED indicator
Motorized brush with LED lights
Fabric accessory
Spout slots
Aluminum tube
Wall support with integrated accessory holder
Product length 26.00 cm
Product width 18.00 cm
Product height 105.00 cm
Product weight 2.57 Kg
Box weight 3.68 Kg
Master weight 16.18 Kg

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