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The Gree Grandeur 20L is a dehumidifier with a powerful and fully electronic operation.
If the humidity in your home is too high, it can result in mold and other moisture problems. The GREE dehumidifier is the solution when it comes to moisture control.
Dirt and dust particles remain in the filter, preventing a bad atmosphere, musty odors, furniture damage and health complaints. With a capacity of 20L per day, the mobile Gree Grandeur is ideal for your living room, bedroom or office, for example.

Automatic defrost program
The GREE Grandeur is equipped with a defrost program that automatically melts the ice on the internal cooling pipes. The "Auto Defrost" program turns off the compressor and runs the fan until the ice has completely melted from the refrigeration lines. This dehumidifier also has a high-quality compressor that operates at a room temperature between 5°C and 35°C.

Alarm signal when water tank is full
The water tank is equipped with a float switch that automatically switches the dehumidifier into "Standby" mode as soon as the water tank is full. When the reservoir is full, an alarm signal will sound for 10 seconds. The Grandeur has a removable 4.7 liter water tank. It is also possible to connect the dehumidifier to a permanent water drain. This is easy to achieve by connecting a hose (diameter 14 mm) to the discharge point on the right side of the dehumidifier. This connection is shielded with a protective cap and is therefore not visible if the permanent drain is not used.

How does a dehumidifier work?
In an electric dehumidifier, air is sucked in and first filtered to prevent dust particles and other contaminants from entering the device. In the device, the air enters an evaporator. There the air is forcibly cooled by 10 to 15 degrees Celsius against a cold surface. This causes water vapor in the air to condense into water.
This water is then collected in a collection container. The dried air is heated to room temperature in a condenser and leaves the dehumidifier dry and warm. The same principle is applied in a GREE air conditioning.

Brand: GREE
Fashion model: Grandeur
Water reservoir contents: 20 l
Assets: 300W
Suitable for space up to: 80 m²
Noise level: 39 dB
Colour: White black

Settings and functions

Climate control function: Dehumidification function
Hygrometer: Yes
Night mode: Yes
Removable water reservoir: Yes
Wall mounting: No
Height adjustable: No
Adjustable humidity level: Yes
With wheels: Yes

Safety and indication functions

Indication completed: Yes
Indicator light: Yes
On-off switch: Yes
Timer: Yes
Automatic shutdown: Yes
Disable safety: Yes
Child safe: Yes
Water capacity indicator: Yes

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