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85UX MINI-LED ULED TV - Banner 1

The ULED X is an entirely new class of QLED. Powered by a groundbreaking chipset & our MINI-LED X technology, the new ULED X brings together outrageous performance, superior contrast, best-in-class brightness, and brilliant color accuracy into the ultimate MINI-LED home entertainment solution.

  • Take contrast to the final extreme with extreme brights and haunting blacks so detailed you can tell the shades apart, and all the fantastic details in between
  • Hi-View Engine X simulates human brain patters to take full control of your TV for a stress-free experience that will remain relevant for years to come with the future in mind
  • Its 16-bit computing power allows it to output up to 65,536 brightness levels with breathtaking visual quality for a truly optimized viewing experience
  • Always keep a cinema-level experience on hand with Hisense’s Dynamic X-Display
  • With multi-channel surround and WiSA Ready, UX offers a cinematic experience that serves both your ears and your eyes
  • Impress yourself by 4.1.2 surround sound, specially designed side speakers and built-in subwoofer
  • Dimension without stand L*H*D 1900 × 1094 × 84 mm

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