Hisense, 2 Ton Split AC Heat & Cool 24000 BTU White Model AS-24HR4SXTCA01

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I. Introduction:

The Hisense 2 Ton Split AC is a versatile heating and cooling system designed to provide year-round comfort for smaller spaces. With a capacity of 24000 BTU, this air conditioner efficiently cools and heats rooms with precision.Air Conditioner Archives - Hisense Middle East

II. Dual Functionality Heating and Cooling:

Firstly, the AS24HR4SXTCA01 model is designed to offer both heating and cooling capabilities, making it suitable for use in all seasons. It can effectively cool the room during hot summer days and provide warmth during chilly winters. This dual functionality ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the year.

III. Perfect for All Spaces:

Furthermore, with a capacity of 2 Ton, this Hisense Split AC is ideal for cooling and heating spaces such as bedrooms, small living rooms, or offices. It is specifically designed to provide efficient temperature control for compact areas.

IV. Energy-Efficient Performance:

On the Other Hand, the Hisense 2 Ton Split AC is equipped with energy-efficient features to help you save on energy consumption. It utilizes advanced technology to maintain optimal comfort while minimizing electricity usage, choice for your cooling and heating needs.

V. Elegant White Design:

In Additionally, this air conditioner’s elegant white color complements various interior styles, adding a touch to any room. Its modern design and compact size ensure it seamlessly fits into smaller spaces without compromising on performance.


Lastly, this Hisense 2 Ton Split AC, model AS24HR4SXTCA01, is a efficient cooling and heating solution for smaller spaces. Choose the Hisense 2 Ton Split AC for reliable heating and cooling performance, ensuring a comfortable environment in your spaces.

Model AS-24HR4SXTCA01
Cooling Capacity 2 Tons (24,000 BTU)
Heating Capacity Heat & Cool Function
Air Conditioner Type Split System
Color White
Cooling Power Efficient cooling for medium to large spaces
Heating Capability Effective heating during colder seasons
Energy Efficiency Rating Specific rating not provided
Air Filter Included
Remote Control Included
Timer Function Yes

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