Kenwood, Digital Air Fryer XXL 5.5L 2.4Kg 1800W

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80% Less Fat: Food made with less oil is still delicious It is the best choice for a healthy life to reduce calorie intake while keeping the food delicious.

Easy to Clean The internal cooking area within this air fryer is new age Non stick coating removable basket with handle that provides a long lasting anti stick layer of protection. This is a significant upgrade over other brands that only use an oil based paint that easily peels away and could possibly leave residue on your food.

Save Time The air fryer disperses superheated air at a rate of 1800 rpm utilizing 80 200 DEGREEC degree high speed hot air circulation technology, which means that the air vortex heat flow cooks the food, forming a golden crispy surface, and offering a deep fried taste without the oil, fat, or calories. Tastier faster healthier cooking is yours to enjoy

High capacity This air fryer is equipped with a significantly larger internal cooking area than others on the market, with a capacity of 5.5 Liter, at the same time, it has a compact design that takes up less space in any kitchen. With the ability to serve 3 5 people at a time, this product is great for parties family gatherings and any other social event where delicious Good quality fast cooking is required.

SPECIFICATIONS: Air fryer rapid hot air circulation, Digital display LCD, Adjustable temperature 80 200 DEGREEC, less 80% fat considering traditional fryers, Timer: Adjustable timer 60 min, Temperature control: Yes, Total capacity:5,5L 2,3/2,5 kg, Wattage:1800W

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