KitchenAid, 5KSM125ECU Stand Mixer 4.8L Counter Silver

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What's in the box ?

With the wire whisk, dough hook and beater on your trusty KitchenAid 5KSM125 Tilt-Head Stand Mixer , you can create all kinds of creative menus at home.

4 Accessory included

This Artisan pastry robot is not only stylish; it's ready to accompany you on your next culinary adventure.

Adopt this iconic Artisan pastry robot in your kitchen

This popular Artisan model is the result of 100 years of expertise. The iconic rounded design, strength and versatility of our stand mixers have earned them an exceptional reputation and made KitchenAid THE WORLD'S NO. 1 PASTRY ROBOTER BRAND (1) Whether you're making cookies, applesauce of earth, a meatloaf or bread, it will never let you down.728e1f88-30a1-4a16-b54a-b59e36100cbb

A powerful, fast and effective mixture

The KitchenAid stand mixer was the first model to feature a unique “planetary movement”. What does that mean ? The beater shaft rotates in one direction and the beater in the other with a minimum of 59 points of contact in the bowl, for optimal mixing of your ingredients. 

This KitchenAid Artisan 125 pastry robot has 10 speeds to give you the precision you need. Simply adjust the speed control lever and let the stand mixer take over. Select speed 1 for gentle mixing, speeds 2 to 6 for beating and creaming, and speed 10 for rapid whipping. So you can get perfect whipped cream in less than a minute (2). Mix cake batter, whip meringue, knead dough... Simply choose your accessory, select the speed, and off you go!Stand-mixer-tilt-head-4.8L-artisan-almond-cream-pouring-milk-in-the-mixer-bowl

The Artisan pastry robot designed for you

Are you dying to start using your new KitchenAid 5KSM125 stand mixer? No need to struggle with accessories or complex controls. The tilt-head design of this stand mixer makes your life easier. Simply attach the bowl, insert the beater of your choice and tilt your head. Push the gear lever to start, and voila!

When you're finished, you can place the bowl, mixer (also called a "flat beater") and dough hook in the top rack of the dishwasher. Wash the whisk by hand with warm, soapy water. When you are not using your stand mixer, the accessories fit perfectly into the bowl. Mission accomplished.Stand-mixer-tilt-head-4.8L-artisan-silver-making-cookies

A medium size ideal for small and large quantities

The KitchenAid 125 Stand Mixer, our most popular mid-size mixer, makes it easy to prepare large or small batches. Whether you're making a quick dessert for one person or cooking large batches to freeze multiple servings, this stand mixer and its sturdy 4.8L stainless steel bowl can do it all. 

You can easily make up to 2 kg of bread dough or mix 9 dozen cookies (3). There will be enough for everyone!Stand-mixer-tilt-head-4.8L-artisan-onyx-black-5-year-guarantee-mixer-on-the-kitchen-table

This tilt-head pastry robot will stay at your side for many years

We love hearing the stories of those who still use the early KitchenAid stand mixers, passed down from generation to generation. Very robust, the Artisan 5KSM125 pastry robot from KitchenAid is designed in solid cast zinc and covered with a resistant enamel coating and suitable for all types of food.

It's impact and scratch resistant, so you can put it to the test and count on it to stay stylish in your kitchen for many years. Robust and reassuring, it is equipped with a motor designed for reliable mixing every time. Benefit from true peace of mind thanks to the 5-year guarantee for the pastry robot and 2 years for the accessories.Stand-mixer-tilt-head-4.8L-artisan-empire-red-making-pasta-with-mixer-extension

Juice, jam, sausages

The culinary world is yours with optional accessories for your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. With the versatile attachment hub, you can connect a range of tools. Make jam or coulis from scratch or chop and stuff your own herb sausages. Create your homemade dough with the pastry robot, then roll it out to cut it into spaghetti like a chef! 

Chop, grind, press, grate, slice, create spirals, stuff or mix. Get impressive results and be proud of your preparations thanks to its sturdy base and high-quality stainless steel accessories.


Alternating Current (AC) Motors: AC (Alternating current)
Power (hp): 0.19
Voltage (V): 220-240
Electric current intensity (A): 0.2
Power (W): 300
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Max rotation speed: 220
Min. rotation speed: 58
Single button for the “Pulse” function: 58
Max quantity of flour in the mixing bowl: 1
Body material: Zinc
Power cord length (cm): 145
Bowl capacity (L): 4.8
Presence of electric speed control: Yes
Product height (mm): 360
Product width (mm): 240
Product depth (mm): 370
Height of packaged product (mm): 413
Width of packaged product (mm): 406
Depth of packaged product (mm): 273
Net weight (kg): 10.4
Bowl material: Steel
Gross weight (kg): 11.5
Max capacity of flour (kg): 0.5
Max capacity egg whites: 12
Max capacity whipped cream (L): 1
Cake batter (kg): 2.7
Max capacity bread dough (55% absorption ratio): 2
Max capacity mashed potatoes (kg): 1.5
Max capacity cookie dough (standard size 2 inches): 108
Electrical outlet: Euro

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