KitchenAid, Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Beetroot 4.8L + with free bread bowl

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Mixer: what's included?

The set includes everything you need to mix, knead, whip, grind and cut. We're about to create something really delicious!

Why you will like our unique Beetroot mixer

  • Legendary design only in Beetroot color
  • Whipping, mixing, kneading and other modes
  • Ease of use
  • Quiet, powerful engine
  • Planetary movement for fast and accurate mixing
  • Ten speed settings will give you perfect control
  • Sturdy, stable and durable
  • A wide range of additional equipment

Welcome Beetroot color

We have been championing the power of color since 1955. Time flies quickly - The color of 2022 is a symbol of positivity and joy. It was inspired by the unexpected beauty found in everyday things, like that wonderful burst of purple when you first cut into an ordinary beetroot. Give a fresh twist to what is familiar - in food and at home.

A mixer ready for anything

This legendary mixer attracts attention and arouses excitement. You can approach each dish creatively and prepare whatever comes to your mind - pink pastas, energetic dips and fantastically fluffy cakes.

It's time to make bolder decisions

Celebrate originality and experiment with new ideas and unusual twists.

Planetary movement for fast mixing

The KitchenAid mixer was the first home mixer with a planetary motion function. How does it work? Thanks to the planetary movement, the mixer has at least 59 points of contact within the bowl, which ensures fast and thorough mixing. Each ingredient will be thoroughly mixed.
Set the speed using the lever according to your needs. Select speed 1 to gently mix the ingredients, speed 6 to whip them, or speed 10 for quick whipping.

Special dough scraper and tools for every task

This popular tilt-head mixer is equipped with a whisk attachment, which is ideal for preparing delicious cakes. Horizontal bars make it easier to cut butter taken from the fridge, allowing you to prepare a fluffy cake. You can also use it as a regular spatula for mixing and chopping. Or replace it with the included whisk that will aerate the products, a kneading hook or a Flex mixer with a scraper for thicker mixtures. The set also includes a scraper to facilitate cleaning of the scraper.

Beauty that lasts and lasts

Strength and beauty come together in this beautiful mixer. Like all our mixers, it is made from durable materials and is the result of over 100 years of engineering expertise. Its die-cast metal construction makes the device solid and durable. Even the knobs are made of metal.
The set with the device includes scratch-, odor- and stain-resistant stainless steel bowls,

From beetroot burgers to bucatini pasta

Attach additional accessories to the universal accessory socket and gain more versatility in your kitchen work. Prepare any meal you can think of - from burgers or fettuccine to vegan pasta or fresh orange juice.
Do you love jam? Make your own with the puree attachment. Have you recently started eating vegan food? Prepare lasagna with vegetables using the vegetable cutter. All attachments fit any stand mixer model made since 1919.

How much can you do?

This medium-sized mixer will cope with both the quick preparation of small portions and will support you when preparing larger sets of dishes. Maximum capacity instructions: The mixer can prepare 12 eggs (medium size), 1 liter of whipped cream, 2.7 kg of dough or 9 dozen cookies. There are plenty of delicious things that will make your time spent with family and friends more enjoyable.


The beetroot Artisan mixer 4.8 l with a tilting head is an iconic KitchenAid mixer in magenta, which is the Color of the Year 2022. Its unique and solid construction makes it an extension of your hands, allowing you to express yourself through creation. The motor is quiet and durable, with no energy loss between it and accessories. The original planetary mechanism ensures fast and thorough mixing, touching the bowl at 59 points per revolution. The mixer is equipped with a 4.8 liter stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 12 egg whites and 1 kg of all-purpose flour, 1 liter of whipped cream, 3.2 kg of mashed potatoes or 108 cookies. This mixer model comes with additional accessories. In addition to the additional 3 liter stainless steel bowl, you will receive a whisk, dough beater, dough hook, pouring guard, beater with flexible edge and a scraper specially designed to clean the dough beater. Thanks to the handy cord storage, you can store the mixer safely. If you love to create and experiment, there are many cool optional attachments (sold separately) that you can connect to the multi-function attachment hub. Connect everything from a pasta knife to a meat grinder, vegetable cutter or grain grinder to unleash your creativity.


Average Power (W) 300
Motor type: AC motor AC (Alternating current)
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Min. revolutions 58
Maximum amount of flour in the bowl (kg) 1
Body made of cast Die-cast
Length of power cord (cm) 145
Device height (mm) 360
Device width (mm) 240
Device depth (mm) 370
Packaging height (mm) 413
Packaging width (mm) 406
Packaging depth (mm) 273
Net weight (kg) 11.1
Bowl material Inox
Gross weight (kg) 12.85
Shortcrust pastry: kg of flour 0.5
A liter of whipping cream 1
Yeast dough (kg) 2.7
Dough (thick, bready) 2
Mashed potatoes (kg) 1.5
Oatmeal cookies 108
Plug type Euro

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