Landmann, 2 Burner Premium Gas BBQ 6218

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  • 2 x 3.5kW adjustable stainless steel tube burners with automatic ignition; allows the chef to alter the cooking speed & temperature.
  • 2-piece cast-iron grill measures 48 X 44cm. Cooking on cast-iron has many benefits; the grills are more durable, cook faster, retain heat longer & distribute it more evenly, food sticks to it less & is an all-round better grilling experience.
  • Enamel-coated steel warming rack(47 x 18cm); ideal for keeping food warm before eating. Especially useful when letting meat rest after being cooked.
  • Enamel-coated steel flame tamers. These help distribute heat evenly across the grill. They also act to protect food from getting burnt (If fat drips down onto the burners during the cooking process, flames can flare up burning food). They can also help prevent damage to the BBQs burners.
  • Double-skinned hood with built-in thermometer; retains heat during cooking, especially useful when cooking indirectly.
  • The grill includes theĀ LANDMANN PTS (Power Thermal Spreading) System. This ensure that heat is evenly distributed across the grill. This gives the best possible cooking experience, avoids cold spots on the grill, uses gas as efficiently as possible & allows for a more precise temperature control.
  • The enclosed cabinet (with double doors & brushed steel handles) is ideal for storage. Mounted on 4 lockable castors, for safety purposes.
  • Easily removable grease tray.
  • 2 folding shelves with tool holders for east storage of the barbecue.

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