Philips, Juice Extractor HR1925

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FiberBoost technology enables you to choose the texture of juice you prefer, selecting with the switch of a button from a refreshing clear juice to a more creamy juice with up to 50% more fiber
The unique combination of smartly controlled constant speeds with unique sieve design allows more or less fiber in your juice
Philips' unique pre-clean function allows you to quickly rinse clean your juicer between different juices or after juicing. By pouring water into the pusher, you can create a water fountain rinsing away unwanted leftovers
Save time and start juicing faster. You no longer need to cut up most fruit and vegetables to fit this juice machine. Just pop it all into the 80mm XXL feeding tube, and enjoy a boost of nutrition every day
Thanks to the polished sieve it is very easy to clean up away leftovers with a kitchen sponge
Due to the round shape without nooks and crannies theleftovers is collected in the pulp container
The new motor has a lower noise and vibration which make the overall juicing experience more silent
The integrated drip stop allows you to stop between juicer sessions keeping your counter top spotless. Activate the drip stop by simply turning the spout

Brand: Philips
Model: HR1925
Power: 1200W
Voltage: 220-240V
Number of speed settings: 2
Capacity jar: 1L
Capacity pulp container: 2.1L
Cord length: 1m
Dishwasher safe
Non-slip feet

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