Philips, PowerPro Active Vacuum Cleaner, 1900 Watts, Royal Blue

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  • Powerful motor - Highly efficient 2000 Watt motor generates high suction power for perfect cleaning results.
  • PowerCyclone 7 - The aerodynamic design of PowerCyclone 7 minimizes air resistance and ensures exceptional cleaning performance through 3 highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet. 2) The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber. 3) At the top of the cyclone, the exit blades effectively cut out the dust from the air.
  • TriActive nozzle - The TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go: 1) It gently opens the carpet with its specially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep down. 2) It sucks up big bits with its larger opening at the front. 3) It picks up the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls with its left and right side air channels.
  • Power control - Power control function to adjust the suction power for different cleaning tasks, such as hard floors, wooden floor and soft furnishings.
  • Simple and tidy to empty - The dust bin is designed for hygienic removing and emptying with one hand, which helps minimize dust clouds.
  • Ultra-Hygiene filter - The fully-sealed filtration system captures greater than 99.9% of fine dust particles - including pollen, pet hair and dust mites - for allergy sufferers and anyone demanding a higher level of hygiene. Filtration level is equivalent to HEPA 13.
Light weight and compact - Top and front handles for easy carrying. Compact design enables convenient storage

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