Queen Chef, Four Doors Refrigerator No- Frost Capacity 600 L

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Four Doors No- Frost,

 Capacity 600 L, 
External LED Display To Control Temperature, Stylish Interior LED Light,
 6 Crystal Freezer Drawers, 
 Energy Class A++, 
 Inverter 40 % Energy Saver, 
Economy Smart Doors,

-Appliance does not work:
Insert mains plug
Check fuse, replace if necessary
Mains malfunctions are to be corrected by an electrician.
- Appliance freezes or cools too much:
Turn the temperature regulator to a warmer setting temporarily.
- The food is not frozen enough:
Please look in the initial Temperature
Setting section
Open the door only as long as necessary.
Turn the temperature regulation to a colder setting temporarily.
Please look in the installation location section.
-Heavy buildup of frost on the door seal:
Carefully warm the leaking sections of the door seal with a hair dryer (on a cool setting). At the same time shape the warmed door seal by hand such that it sits correctly
-Unusual noises:
Re-adjust the feet.
Move the appliance slightly.
If necessary, carefully bend the component out of the way.

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