Queen Chef, Top Loading Washing Machine 10Kg

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Top Loading Washing Machine,
-24 hours preset,
-10 water levels selector,
-fuzzy logic,
-DIY program
-White Color
E1: After checking the drain and rectifying the fault, open the cover,
Close it, and re-enter the drain.
E2: Close the cover.
E3:  Open the top cover, place the clothes manually and close the cover.
E4: Open the tap or wait until the water pressure is normal before use.
Open the cover, close the cover, and re-enter the water inlet process.
E6: Please have professional maintenance personnel overhaul.
E7: Turn off the power after the water is finished. Please have professional service personnel repair it.
E9: Turn off the machine.
No display: please have professional maintenance personnel overhaul.

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