Queen Chef, Washing Machine 8Kg Inverter QCWF85-White

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Advanced washing machine, inverter,
full digital display,

1400 RPM,
8 KG

F01: reopen the door and close it with a slight push.
F02: start the drain program and wait about 2 minutes.
• start the cotton program and check if the water comes out of the detergent drawer with normal flow. if not, check the following:
make sure that the tap is open and that there is water supply.
2. make sure the inlet hose is not bent.
3. make sure the water inlet hose and/or the valve filters are not blocked.
F03: turn off the washing machine and restart the wash programme.
F04:  Remove the drain hose from the drainage line and make sure it directly drains into a container/sink, then select the drain programme.
Make sure the drain pump filter is not obstructed.
Make sure the drain hose is not squashed or kinked.
F05: Switch off the washing machine and switch it back on
F09: Switch off the washing machine and switch it back on
The door does not open:
-Make sure the red light is off
- Make sure the appliance is not in soak mode or rinse hold special option.
- Press on the door from the closing side or give a slight push while trying to open at the same time.

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