Ariete, 2718/1 Robot X Clean, 14.4V, Remote, Led Display, Black

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With the Xclean Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleaning floors is no longer a problem

Robot Xclean is the intelligent and silent robot vacuum cleaner capable of autonomously cleaning floors and carpets and autonomously returning to the base for recharging. Robot Xclean is the robot vacuum cleaner with remote control, with which you can select the different cleaning modes: automatic (random with circular movements), zig zag, along the wall and spot. Thanks to the anti-collision sensors, it guarantees thorough daily cleaning, covering the surface of the room, completely bypassing obstacles, without hitting furniture and with maximum silence. Thanks to the anti-fall sensors it avoids stairs and unevenness. The small size (30 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height) and the side brushes allow Robot Xclean to reach anywhere, eliminating dust even from the most difficult corners. At the end of the cleaning cycle, Robot Xclean returns autonomously to the charging base. With two levels of filtration, primary and HEPA, Robot Xclean guarantees perfect cleaning of the whole house by retaining even the finest dust.

Xclean Ariete robot vacuum cleaner: autonomous and silent

Autonomo e silenzioso

Autonomous and silent

The Xclean robot vacuum cleaner quickly cleans any floor thanks to the different cleaning modes (easily selectable from the LED display). Robot Xclean is also silent, you will notice that it is working thanks to the cleanness it will leave behind!

Sensori anti ostacolo e anti caduta

Anti-obstacle and anti-fall sensors

With its 30 cm diameter, Robot Xclean reaches everywhere and bypasses any obstacle. The anti-collision and anti-fall sensors make it perfect also for cleaning steps and slopes.

Rientra alla base da solo

Return to base alone

When Xclean is about to run out, it returns to the base by itself ready for a new recharge. In 3/4 hours it is ready for a thorough cleaning of 90-120 minutes autonomously.

Aspirapolvere automatico

Automatic vacuum cleaner

By selecting the Clean mode, the robot vacuum cleaner will complete an entire cleaning cycle, but you can also choose a different program from those available (automatic, zig zag, long wall and spot).

2 livelli di filtrazione

Deep cleaning

XClean retains even the finest dust inside the filter, thanks to the two levels of filtration: primary filter and HEPA filter. The container is able to accommodate up to 0.3 liters of dirt.

Accessori in dotazione

Supplied accessories

Included with XClean you will find the HEPA filter, the spare side brushes and a brush for cleaning the main brushes, in order to always have the best suction performance.

Battery Lithium 2400 mAh
Voltage 14.4 Volts
Autonomy 120 min
Charging time 3/4 h
Programs automatic, zig zag, along the wall and spot
Delayed start
Charging base
Remote controller
LED display
Tank capacity 0.3 liters
Filter Primary + HEPA Filter
Side brushes 2
Noise 65 d (B) a
Sensors Anti-collision (no touch) / Anti-fall
Product length 30.00 cm
Product width 30.00 cm
Product height 7.50 cm
Product weight 2.40 Kg

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