Samsung, Bespoke Quickdrive AI EcoBubble Washing Machine 11 kg

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Smart delicate wash

AI Ecobubble™

Enjoy more efficient washing with AI Ecobubble™*. It creates bubbles that remove 24%** more dirt, even at low temperatures, saving 70% energy** and improving fabric care by 45.5%***. It also detects the fabric type and optimizes the amount of bubbles, wash time, temperature and spin speed.Bubbles are formed through the bubble holes within the washing machine's drum.  The bubble generation optimizes for each load* and is formed in different amounts depending on the type of textile.  AI Ecobubble™ helps up to 70%" energy saving**, up to 24%" better soil removal** and up to 45.5%" better fabric care***.

* AI Ecobubble technology is only activated when specific programs are selected, including Cotton, Synthetics and AI Wash, with loads less than 2 kg.
** Product tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010, with 4 kg washing load and Super Eco cold program (WF80F5E5U4W) compared to the Cotton 40°C program without Ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.
*** Based on Springboard Engineering laboratory test report with EMPA strips: comparison between normal laundry detergent and bubble technology without mechanical action, tested on polyester fabric. Individual results may vary.

Optimized cleaning

AI Wash

Wash your clothes efficiently but gently with less water and detergent. AI Wash uses advanced sensing technology to identify fabric weight and texture, and continuously monitor soil level. It then intelligently optimizes water and detergent, as well as soak, rinse and spin times.The location of the Step 1: wash load, Step 2: water level, Step 3: fabric sensing, Step 4: soil level, and Step 5: detergent level sensors appears on the transparent washer in order.  In Step 4, AI changes the time depending on soil level and users can control it with SmartThings app.

Spacious and clean design

BESPOKE design with SpaceMax™

Enhance your interior and wash bigger loads with a large 11kg capacity and a design that fits into a standard 600mm cabinet. Its simple, flat design fits perfectly into modern kitchen spaces and furniture. SpaceMax™ technology provides more space inside, allowing you to wash more laundry, including large items like duvets.The SpaceMax™ design has a 600mm of deep drum depth, so it can hold up to 11kg of laundry, even a large duvet.

Save more with eco-friendly washing

10% more energy savings

Wash your clothes more cheaply and reduce your carbon footprint. The Samsung washing machine range includes models that offer 10% more energy efficiency than standard models*. Their advanced technologies intelligently optimize performance, and reduce washing time and energy consumption. They also come with a 20-year warranty.Samsung's range of washing machines includes models that save 10%" extra energy.

*Affected models only

Smart energy savings

Power Saving Mode With AI SmartThings

Monitor and reduce the energy consumption of your washing machine. Power saving mode with AI* allows you to easily check electricity consumption and estimate your bill amount. For programs running in energy saving mode with AI**, it reduces energy consumption by up to 70%*** by using Ecobubble™ to wash in cold water, instead of using hot water and an additional cycle.The AI ​​Energy Mode for Washer is activated by checking the mode button to 'On' and selecting the device you want to run on your smartphone.  After the cycle, the cleaning is complete with AI Energy Mode which saves 397 Wh (70%") of energy.

*Available on Android and iOS devices. Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required.
**Can be applied when the selected wash temperature is between 20 and 40°C.
***Based on internal testing on model WW11BBA049AB under normal usage conditions. Results: annual energy consumption without energy saving mode with AI = 88.7 kWh. Annual energy consumption with energy saving mode with AI = 31.5 kWh. Results may vary depending on actual usage conditions.

Cut your washing time in half


Spend much less time washing. QuickDrive™ reduces washing time by up to 50%*. Its Q-Bubble™ technology offers dynamic drum rotation and additional water jets to create more abundant and powerful bubbles. Result: the detergent penetrates more quickly, and washes effectively and gently.The powerful water is sprayed, bubbles are formed, and clothes are washed.  The “50%" time saving" text appears on the top of the washing machine.

* Technology tested in accordance with standard IEC 60456-2010, on Cotton cycle (40°C, half load) with Quick Drive. Individual results may vary.

Smart washing

AI Control

Wash your laundry easily and efficiently with AI Control. This function personalizes washing by memorizing your habits, suggesting cycles* and displaying practical information. The SmartThings** app provides tips on cycling, programming and troubleshooting. It automatically selects the ideal drying program***.The AI ​​washer's control panel displays the Cycle suggestion, Habits learning, Informative display and guide.Two sets of washers and dryers are placed differently in two separate living spaces.  Drying cycles are automatically set.

* Messages with cycle suggestions are displayed on a smartphone app.
**Available on Android and iOS devices. Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required.
***The Auto Cycle Link feature is only available if the washer and dryer are equipped with AI Control and Wi-Fi.Top view of the Auto Dispenser.  Icons next describe automation, calibration, sensing and flexible use features.  WW9400B notifies you when the detergent runs out.  Auto Softener and Auto Detergent prints on the dispenser are highlighted.

Optimized laundry

Automatic dispensing

Get the best washing results* with less waste and effort. Auto Dispense automatically releases the right amount of detergent and fabric softener for each wash. This washing machine has separate compartments for each product, although both can be used for laundry. It is therefore not necessary to refill them after each wash**.

*Actual results may vary depending on individual use.
**Auto-dispense feature keeps detergent for up to 1 month of washing, based on 2-3 washes per week (5kg per load/standard use). May vary depending on load and wash settings.

Microplastic reduction washing machine

Cycle Less microfiber

Samsung, Ocean Wise Plastics Lab and Patagonia are collaborating to find solutions to the microfiber shedding problem. Samsung's specially designed wash cycle reduces microfleece release by up to 54%. This is just the first step towards healthier oceans. 

*Technology tested with a 2kg load with 100% polyester hoodies, comparing the Synthetics cycle of the traditional Samsung WW4000T model to the Less Microfiber cycle on the WW7000B model. Results may vary depending on clothing and environment. Tested by Ocean Wise Plastics Lab.Towels and doll is in the drum and washing takes 59 minutes with the powerful speed spray.

Wash in 39 minutes

Super fast

Reduce your daily laundry time and clean your clothes thoroughly. Use the Super Speed ​​cycle to wash in just 39 minutes*. Ecobubble™ technology guarantees powerful cleaning, while rinsing time is shortened with Speed ​​Spray. This function increases the rotation speed to quickly spin clothes.

*Based on using the default Super Fast cycle with a 5 kg load.Steam is dispersed inside the washing machine and soak clothes in the drum.

Clothing disinfection

Steam sanitizer

Find clean, thoroughly cleaned laundry. The steam sanitizer releases steam from the back of the drum. This technique eliminates encrusted stains and 99.9% of bacteria*, and deactivates allergens from household dust mites in laundry**. 

*Based on Intertek test report for Steam Sanitizer cycle. Eliminates 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. Individual results may vary.** Based on Intertek test report for the Steam Sanitizer cycle.The washer motor with digital inverter technology gives a 20-year warranty.

Durable and effective

Digital inverter technology

Enjoy superior efficiency, reduced noise and long-lasting performance. To provide large capacities and quieter operation*, digital inverter technology uses very powerful magnets. And it consumes less energy than a universal motor. It offers the most exceptional durability in the industry**, combined with a 20-year engine warranty***.

* Typically, the noise reduction value is 5 dBA and 3 dBA for wash and spin cycles respectively. Data is based on Energy Efficiency Labeling (ERP): F500 8 kg, 1400 rpm (WF80F5E5P4W) with a digital inverter motor and Vistula 8 kg, 1400 rpm (WF1804WPC) with a digital inverter motor universal. **23-year sustainability certification granted by the German Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering Industries (VDE, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker). Actual durability depends on usage conditions. ***As of May 2022. 10 year warranty is limited to inverter motor.Tempered Glass Door of washing machine with a view of the inside.  The Icon shows strength and durability.

An aesthetic that lasts

Tempered glass door

Choose a washing machine that maintains its appearance longer than others, even if you open and touch its tempered glass door often. Strong and durable, tempered glass is less likely to break or scratch than a plastic door. It also provides a sleek look and makes it easy to see inside.

Wash in SmartThings mode

SmartThings Home

Enjoy personalized, efficient and simplified washing with the SmartThings* app. By analyzing your washing habits**, “Clothing Care” offers cycle recommendations*** and personalized advice. “Energy” helps you manage your overall energy consumption. “Home Care” helps keep the washing machine in optimal condition.The SmartThings app helps Tailored care, Efficient energy use, Smart maintenance.  Clothing Care displays AI recommendations for effortless laundry, Energy notifies best rates based on personal usage for powerful saving, Home Care helps easy upkeep the washing machine maintenance.

*Available on Android and iOS devices. Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required.
** This application records user data, preferences and usage habits to offer them the most appropriate options.
*** If the user does not provide the correct information, he will fully assume the consequences, particularly in the event of damage or harm.The washer drum is surrounded by clean water and water jets are cleaning the inside.  Close-up image of a door gasket being cleaned. 

How to measureWidth 600mm, height 850mm, depth 600mm, depth with door open 1080mm.


  • Washing capacity‎11.0‎
  • Drum typeSwirl
  • Net dimensions (L x H x D, mm)‎600 x 850 x 600‎
  • Net weight (kg)‎73

Washing capacity

  • Washing capacity (kg)‎11.0‎


  • Main colorBlack
  • DoorTempered glass door
  • BillboardAI Control

    Maximum power

    • Energy efficiency classHAS
    • Energy Consumption (100 cycles)53 kWh
    • Water consumption (cycle)54L
    • Duration of the Eco 40-60 (H:MM)4:00
    • Spin efficiencyB
    • Noise Emission ClassHAS
    • Noise level (spinning)72dB


      • AI ControlYes
      • AI WashYes
      • AI EcoBubbleYes
      • QuickDriveYes
      • Auto DispenseYes
      • Bubble SoakYes
      • Bubble technologyYes
      • Child safetyYes
      • Delayed shutdownYes
      • Drum Clean+Yes
      • Drum typeSwirl
      • IntensiveYes
      • Language setupYes
      • EngineDigital Inverter Compressor
      • My cycleYes
      • PrewashYes
      • Quick washYes
      • Smart ThingsYes
      • Rotation speed (rpm)1400
      • StayClean drawerYes
      • SteamYes
      • Super fastYes


        • Eco 40-60Yes
        • AI WashYes
        • Super fastYes
        • Quick wash 15 minutesYes
        • Active WearYes
        • Baby clothesYes
        • BeddingYes
        • Cloudy DayYes
        • CottonYes
        • ColorsYes
        • Delicate laundryYes
        • DenimYes
        • Drain/SpinYes
        • Drum Clean+Yes
        • Hygiene SteamYes
        • Intense ColdYes
        • OutdoorYes
        • Rinse + SpinYes
        • ShirtsYes
        • Silent WashYes
        • SyntheticYes
        • TowelsYes
        • WoolYes

          Physical specification

          • Net dimensions (L x H x D, mm)‎600 x 850 x 600‎
          • Net weight (kg)‎73‎
          • Gross dimensions (L x H x D, mm)‎670 x 890 x 688‎
          • Gross weight (kg)‎75‎
          • Depth with porthole630mm


            • Integrated WiFiYes

            Application connectivity

            • SmartThings App SupportYes

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