Tefal, 2400Watts, 1.5L Capacity Kettle - Ko150127

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The Tefal kettle is a choice for the home or office. It is a classic a super-fast ‘rapid boil zone’ which means it can heat up a cup of tap water to boiling in just 45 seconds –really handy for those times when you could ‘kill for a cuppa’.

The kettle has a handy spout design so the water can be poured evenly into mugs and cups without spluttering and spilling all over your worktop.

To keep your kettle clean and fresh, and free from limescale, it has a removable, washable filter that you can simply flip out, rinse through and pop back in. For a tasty cuppa every time

Tefal Kettle Good Value 2400W 1.5L Water level indicator, on/of pilot light, Removable lid, removable filter

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