Tefal, Clipso Minut Perfect Pressure Cooker, 9 Litres

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Bring the Tefal ClipsoMinute Perfect  Pressure Cooker into your home and enjoy a solution for all your cooking needs. With this pressure cooker that comes into your kitchen or participates in your daily cooking routine and becomes one of your most important kitchen utensils and one of your favourite cookware in the kitchen. With a large capacity of 9 litres, the Tefal ClipsoMinut pressure cooker is able to meet all your different cooking needs.

Whether you are cooking for a small family or passing by, this cooker is a true dream. This Tefal pressure cooker not only delivers large portions, it will also cook your meals twice faster and is 30% lighter than other Tefal cooking appliances with the same capacity. The Tefal ClipsoMinut Perfect pressure cooker is not only easy to use, it is also safe thanks to the 5-security system.

This stove is built to cover all your needs while providing the most delicious and safest results. While other cookers do not get the nutritional benefits of your food, the Tefal Clipso Minut Perfect 9 L Pressure Cooker gives you the opportunity to cook your meals while preserving up to 80% of the vitamin C you find in food.

Bring this stove to your kitchen and enjoy delicious and effortless cooking at any time. Main Features:  Pressure Cooker Boils up to 2 times faster, 30% lighter, up to +80% vitamin C preserved 5 security system. One-handed opening when cooking, you don’t always have both hands to meet all your cooking needs. Professionals from Tefal know that you have the ClipsoMinut Perfect pressure cooker super easy to use even with one hand. You can now easily open and close the stove with one hand, making using this stove both easy and effortless. Save time in the kitchen and spend more time with the Tefal ClipsoMinut Perfect pressure cooker.

With a capacity of 9 litres and perfect pressure levels, this cooker can cook up to two times faster than any other Tefal pot or stove. When you pass over a large number of people, cooking your meals will take an instant. You can prepare everything from vegetables to meat, fish and even some desserts. EASY TO USE – Cooking has never been so easy.

The ClipsoMinut 9 L Pressure Cooker is easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is leave the ingredients of the meal and cook. This Tefal pressure cooker is not only easy to control, it weighs 30% lighter than the previous Clipso cooker with the same capacity. Vitamin preservation.

Trust the Tefal ClipsoMinut when cooking. No matter what vegetables and meals you cook, the ClipsoMinut ensures that up to 80% of the vitamin C are retained and you have the full benefits of having in your food. Now you can enjoy broccoli and other vitamin-filled items without worry.

5 Safety System: While some people are afraid of using a pressure cooker as part of their cooking routine, the Tefal ClipsoMinut is here to change that perception. With a 5 safety system, the Tefal ClipsoMinut delivers an ultra-safe pressure cooking. You can now cook while you are sure that this cooker is safe for your family and kitchen.

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