Tefal, 2 in 1 pressure cooker & stewpot – Easy 7.5L + Clipso Minut Duo 5l + Glass Cover

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2-Cooking Selector

Cooking has never been easier than it is with the Tefal 5L ClipsoMinut Duo Pressure Cooker. With smart 2-cooking selector valve, you can effortlessly choose the program you want; steam cooking, or slow cooking. Steam cooking is 2 times faster than normal cooking while slow cooking is ideal for making delicious stews. Now, your cooking options are basically endless!


Save time spent in the kitchen and spend more time having fun with the Tefal 5L ClipsoMinut Duo Pressure Cooker. With a 5L capacity and perfect pressure levels, this cooker can cook up to two times faster than any other Tefal pot or cooker. If you have a big number of people coming over, getting your meals cooked and ready will take no time. You can cook everything from veggies to meat, fish and even some desserts.

Non-Stick. Ultra Resistant

The Tefal ClipsoMinut Duo Pressure Cooker comes with stone finishes and enriched mineral and titanium inclusions which ensure your cooker is ultra-resistant. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the ClipsoMinut Cooker is uber-easy to clean, even after many years of use. Keeping your cookware clean has never been this easy!

Easy to Use

While cooking, you don’t always have both hands free to take care of all of your cooking needs. Professional at Tefal know that therefore they have made the Tefal 5L ClipsoMinut Duo Pressure Cooker super easy to operate even with a single hand. You can now open and close the cooker effortlessly with one hand which makes using this cooker both easy and effortless.


Do not fear using pressure cookers as a part of your daily cooking routine thanks to the 5-Security System which provides the highest protection levels of cooking safety. You can now cook while assured in the knowledge that your family and home are protected against even the smallest of doubts.

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