Tefal, 4 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Explorer Serie 60, 6h autonomy, connect, mop

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Tefal Explorer Serie 60 : the XS robot for pet owners

Clean your home and tackle pet hair without lifting a finger, thanks to the Tefal Explorer Serie 60 robot vacuum cleaner! !  Its two lateral brushes reach all corners and optimize surface coverage. Its high-efficiency Animal Turbo Brush, specially designed for pet owners and featuring a dual-material texture, is the secret weapon: it vacuums pet hair and large dust with ease, while simultaneously offering streamlined maintenance, even for rolled hair. Plus, its Aqua Force system mops your floor while vacuuming that provides a final touch for visibly clean results. The thinnest 4-in-1 robot vacuum on the market at only 6 cm high, it even passes under low furniture to pick up hidden pet hair and dust. Its methodic navigation system, Smart Exploration 4.0, covers your whole home with outstanding accuracy and moves in a logical path, thanks to the integrated gyroscope. Unbelievably intelligent, this robot vacuum perfectly follows the path of your walls, thanks to the latest lateral technology sensors, and automatically adapts its efficiency according to your floor type, thanks to an ingenious rug-detection feature. Finally, it's highly intuitive and easy to use, helping your mind unwind, just like your body! Once connected to the app, simply schedule and personalize your cleaning from anywhere, at any time.


*sweeping, central brushing, vacuuming and mopping – compared to Top 15 best sellers Europe (14 countries) + Russia, independent panel 2019 data, value and volume sales.


  • Perfectly designed for pet owners. 

    • Aqua Force system: mops the floor while vacuuming to remove even the finest particles. The best way to save time and delegate more than ever! • High-efficiency Animal Turbo brush: dual-material brush to pick up pet hair or large dust, while offering easier maintenance, even for rolled hair. • Cleaning accessory: helps to easily cut and remove tangled pet hair from the brush.


  • XS Size

    At only 6 cm high, it even passes under low furniture and hard-to-reach areas to pick up hidden pet hair with ease.


  • Intuitive solution to let your mind unwind

    A fully connected solution that takes the chore of cleaning off your hands, with auto-pairing to the free dedicated app for cleaning, scheduling and maintenance management at a tap from anywhere and at any time. 


  • Smart Exploration 4.0 navigation system for optimal surface coverage

    A unique combination for a seamless, truly integrated smart navigation system: • gyroscope technology and infrared sensors to accurately cover your home, moving in a very logical path • the latest "time of flight" lateral camera technology to perfectly follow the path of your walls • an ingenious rug-detection feature to detect the floor type and automatically adapt its suction power for optimum efficiency

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