Tefal, X-Trem Power Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner - TW6984HA

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A new powerful high-efficiency suction head removes ground-in dirt and tackles large spills with best-in-class performance on both carpets and floors. Advanced monocyclonic technology produces dual-level filtration and captures 99.98% of vacuumed dust. An XL capacity (2,5L) provides maximum convenience for large-surface living spaces, with the Clean Express system for an effortless dust container emptying process in just four simple movements. The Mini Turbo Brush provides furniture cleaning solutions. All this, with exceptional energy ratings.? On carpets and hard floors


Best-in-class results in cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets
X-trem Power Cyclonic comes with a powerful high-efficiency suction head, delivering best-in-class results on hard floors and carpets

Best-in-class in dust re-emission
X-trem Power Cyclonic is equipped with an advanced mono-cyclonic system which achieves a high level of air/dust separation. On top of this, the product offers 2 layers of filtration: – A foam filter placed before the motor – A specific high-efficiency filter positioned just before the air exit to capture even the smallest particles of dust emitted by the motor. 99.98% of the vacuumed dust is filtered.

Advanced Technology for Exceptional Energy Efficiency
For greater dust pick-up with less energy use, the cutting-edge technology of the new EffiTech Motor system paves the way toward ultimate energy efficiency.

XL capacity
XL capacity perfectly suited to people living in large surfaces and houses (greater autonomy and less frequent emptying)

Easy to clean dust container
The Clean Express system offers easy management of dust. Only 4 simple movements get rid of all dust

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