Whirlpool, OMK58CU1SX Multifunction Electric Oven cm. 60 - Stainless Steel

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Whirlpool OMK58CU1SX Multifunction electric oven cm. 60 - black/stainless steel

Energy rating
Energy class A/A+ ovens allow significant energy savings: low consumption, reduced costs.

The microporous walls absorb fats during cooking. To remove them, simply run the empty oven at 230°C for 10 minutes to remove them.

Multifunction 8 mode offers flexible cooking options to ensure perfect results whatever the recipe.

Standard cavity
This Whirlpool oven comes with a standard sized cavity.

Energy class A+
With an A+ energy class, this Whirlpool appliance will allow you to benefit from maximum performance together with low energy consumption.

Forced heat
The forced heat allows you to cook different dishes on 3 levels at the same time, without mixing odors or flavors thanks to the uniform distribution of heat.

Soft closure
Thanks to the slow-moving hinges, the oven door closes effortlessly, with a smooth and silent movement.

Electronic control
Electronic temperature control.

Telescopic guides
This Whirlpool oven features smooth sliding guides for easier use.

Push Push
The "Push push" design allows for great ease of use, as well as a premium look.

- Product height (mm): 59.5
- Width (mm): 59.5
- Depth: 55.1

- Type of energy: electric
- Useful volume (of the cavity) - NEW (2010/30/CE): 71
- Cleaning method: Catalysis
- Type of controls: Electronic
- Rated electrical connection power (W): 2900
- Installation type: built-in
- Length of the electrical cable (cm): 100
- Type of supports: Telescopic
- Cooking time setting options: Off

- Energy class - NEW (2010/30/EC) (2) : A+
- Energy consumption of conventional ovens per cycle - NEW (2010/30/EC): 0.89
- Energy consumption of forced convection ovens per cycle - NEW (2010/30/EC): 0.69
- Intensity (A): 13
- Cooking time adjustment: Electronic

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