Whirlpool, WMF250G Built-in Microwave Oven, Black / Stainless Steel

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Whirlpool WMF250G built-in microwave oven cm. 59 h. 39 - black / stainless steel
This Whirlpool built-in microwave features: grill function. Jet Defrost function for exceptionally fast and uniform defrosting.

Jet Start

The quick start function maximizes the power inside the microwave for about 30 seconds, quickly reheating food with a high water content.
The microwave grill function guarantees perfect browning of your dishes.
Use the innovative JetDefrost 3D system to defrost food in record time.
A perfect leavening for bread and pasta with the DoughRising Function. The program allows you to keep the temperature of the Maxi Chef stable at 30 °.
Yogurt function
Make your snack healthier with the YOGURT function. A dedicated program to easily ferment your yogurt and increase its nutritional properties.
Jet grill - Effortless grilling .
With the JetGrill program, you can enjoy delicious grilled dishes in an instant.
Quartz grill
Powerful quartz grill for grilling and gratinating to perfection.
Child Safety Lock - Safety first.
This Whirlpool microwave oven is equipped with a safety system that prevents accidental use of the appliance by children.
Maintaining temperature
With the keep warm function of this Whirlpool microwave oven, your dishes stay warm without loss of moisture, and you can enjoy them whenever you like.

Height (cm): 39.0
Width (cm): 59.4
Depth (cm): 37.9
Depth of the niche: 54.0
Maximum height of the niche: 38.0
Minimum height of the niche: 37.8
Maximum niche width: 56.8
Minimum niche width: 56.0
Type of cooking: Microwave + grill
Maximum microwave power (W): 900
Grill power (W): 1000
Current (A): 12
Grill cooking method: Yes
Capacity (l): 25
Door opening: Side
Door opening mode: Push button opening
Color: Black / Inox
Display Type: LCD
Child lock
Grill grid: Round steamer
Type of grill: Quartz
Clock: Yes
Electrical connection nominal data (W): 1400
Built-in / free-standing: Built-in
Type of control: Electronic
Length of the power supply cable (cm): 135
Electronic timer: Yes
Turntable: Yes
Turntable diameter (mm): 284

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